Mandates as members of the Administrative Board

Purposeful search for and organisation of members of the AB

If chosen and used correctly, a member of the AB can give useful feedback on entrepreneurial questions, critically question your corporate strategy, make contacts and thus extend your network. But how can you find such an unprejudiced business partner and independent consultant who can contribute to the operative and strategic further development of your enterprise with his technical know-how, his interesting contacts and competent contributions?

Finding the optimum composition of the AB is a complex challenge, especially for family-run companies and small and medium-sized companies; a challenge we are happy to take on. As experienced enterprise and management consultants, we specialise not only in the traditional executive search, but also in the search for and organisation of members of the AB.

We jointly analyse your corporate strategy, consult you in the composition of your AB with a view to competences already in existence, evaluate possibilities of extension, and support you with our know-how for regulating successions.

With our professional support and our broad network, we find the most suitable member of your AB in order to have the best possible board in your company.

Whether you are looking for a member of the AB or would like to become one yourself, get in touch with us and find out more about our open AB mandates. Our extensive network offers you valuable contacts and responsible mandates on an AB.


André Batterman

CEO / Senior Consultant

Mr André Batterman is a member of