Data Protection Directives

The present version is valid as at 25.05.2018 and applies to both Batterman Consulting Basel AG and also to Batterman Consulting Zürich AG (both hereinafter referred to as Batterman Consulting).

By accepting these data protection directives, you consent to your personal data which you have notified to us in connection with an application being stored, processed and made available to third parties domestically and abroad for the purpose of hiring human resources and/or organising human resources during the organisation procedure and over and above the end of the specific organisation procedure. The aforementioned third parties are, amongst others, companies affiliated with Batterman Consulting, service providers which provide and operate IT applications in use as well as further enterprises involved in the necessary processes of rendering contractual services by Batterman Consulting (e.g. payment service providers). To this extent, you agree that your data may be transmitted to countries in which no adequate level of data protection exists. If you have notified "special categories of personal data " according to Article 9 of the European General Data Protection Regulation in connection with your application (e.g. a photo showing your ethnic origin, information about your capacity as a handicapped person etc.), your consent also relates to these data.

You agree that Batterman Consulting may send newsletters to the e-mail address stated by you. This newsletter in particular contains information about job offers which may be interesting for you.

You can surf on the website without providing personal data. If you voluntarily transmit personal data to us, we shall use them in compliance with these data protection directives.

International data protection directives

For a long time now, Batterman Consulting has acknowledged the importance of protecting sensitive personal data concerning employees, candidates, customers, service providers and partner companies. Our profession presupposes the obtaining and use of sensitive data. We are therefore obliged to protect this information as long as it is in our possession. Respect for employees, colleagues and customers is just as much one of the fundamental values of Batterman Consulting as the provision of ethically justifiable services In order to comply with these duties, Batterman Consulting has issued worldwide data protection directives, which determine its endeavours with a view to non-disclosure and also the use and protection of sensitive personal data.

We comply with non-disclosure of your data as follows:

  • We state when and how we use personal data.
  • If relevant, we observe your decisions with a view to the procurement, use and forwarding of information.
  • We only collect, use and keep information which is purposeful and beneficial for our business relationships.
  • We commit to suitably archive correct and up-to-date information.
  • We use data protection systems for the protection of personal data.
  • We restrict access to and the publication of personal information.
  • We archive the personal information which is necessary for compliance with our legal and business obligations.
  • If relevant, we offer you the possibility to view and update the information concerning you personally.
  • We offer you the possibility to ask questions and send us comments or complaints with a view to data protection.

Batterman Consulting only forwards information concerning you if it is necessary

(i) to set up and to maintain a working, business or organisation relationship;
(ii) to examine whether you match the post of the specific activities, to inform you about suitable posts and to give you information about vacant posts and to offer you a suitable post;
(iii) for the capability of our principal sales relationships, our "Platinum Search", "Gold Search", "Silver Search", "Bronze", "Assessment" products, services in corporate and management consultancy;
(iv) with a view to your personal development, your choice of profession and progress and in order to improve the quality and capability of our offer of service;
(v) due to a judicial decision or other legal obligations or requirements for the handling and defence of judicial steps and claims.

Batterman Consulting only processes sensitive information concerning you with your consent or in order to comply with its legal obligations. Sensitive information entails information which gives an indication of membership of a race or ethnic origin or a religious community as well as education and health. We need this information in order to support you better in your application.

If you would like to find out more about the data protection directives of Batterman Consulting, please send an e-mail to

Data protection directives of Batterman Consulting with a view to its business partners

If necessary, Batterman Consulting processes personal information of persons who work for the companies with which it has a contract,

  • in order to bring about and to maintain a contractual relationship with an enterprise;
  • in order to inform the company's employees about business opportunities;
  • in order to occupy internal posts at Batterman Consulting, for account, recruiter, marketing, finance, legal and management functions;
  • for administration and defence of legal measures and steps according to court verdicts or other legal obligations and requirements.

Batterman Consulting can forward personal information which it has received from business partners with a view to the objectives of the business relationship. The information in this regard can be forwarded to other business units of Batterman Consulting, to applicants for posts and other business partners (sub-enterprises) which offer services in our name or to the extent that we receive a pertinent request from a court or from another legal instance. Personal data can be forwarded to a place located outside Switzerland. Batterman Consulting has taken measures in order to ensure that all the forwarded data are treated with the necessary protection.

If you would like to find out more about the data protection directives of Batterman Consulting, please send an e-mail to

Website data protection practices


Unidentifiable data: Like many other websites, our website also automatically receives unidentifiable data about the users such as the IP address (Internet Protocol) of your computer, the IP address of your internet provider, the time and the date of your visit, the address of the website from which you directly came to the Batterman Consulting website, your computer's operating system, the areas of the website which you visited, the websites and information which you access and the information which you deposit on the website or download from the website. These unidentifiable data are used for the website, for the administration of the system and the improvement of the website. Your unidentifiable data can be forwarded to third parties and permanently archived for future use.

Cookies: The website uses so-called "cookies". This is a technology by means of which the website recognises a repeat visit from the same computer. By "cookies", better use of the website is guaranteed. For example, the data deposited by "cookies" make it possible to recognise you as a user who has already visited the website. In addition, the movements on the website can be traced, in order to fulfil your requirements or to provide contents and data on the website which are tailor-made to match you. In addition, input of personal data in online forms and in general the use of the website can be facilitated by "cookies".

Advertising on the website can also contain "cookies" or other technologies. The advertising may come from third-party providers. Batterman Consulting assumes no kind of liability for and has no control over "cookies" and other technologies used in the advertising or for the use and propagation of data which have been received via "advertising cookies".

If your browser permits this, you can block "cookies". However, this may impair the use of the website and access to and use of some of the functions.


Tracking information – Batterman Consulting can use your unidentifiable data for the production of tracking reports about the use of the website and demography of the website users and provide these reports to third parties. None of this information can be assigned to an identity or any other personal information about users.


According to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have the right to access your data in order to rectify, to amend or to erase information about your identity. You can make use of this right by sending us an e-mail to the following address:


Security: We endeavour to keep our servers, applications and databases secure and protected against unauthorised access by certain physical, administrative and technological measures intended for the securing of the information entrusted to us. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee 100% protection. If you have doubts about the security of certain personal information, we advise you not to make this information known via the internet.

Other websites: The website may contain links to other websites or internet resources. If you click on one of these links, you get in contact with the other website or internet resource, which might receive data about you which you provide voluntarily or can be processed via "cookies" or other technologies. Batterman Consulting has no kind of control over and rejects any kind of responsibility for your contacts with other websites or internet resources and the receipt, use and propagation of your personal data via these sources. We advise you to read the data protection directives of the other websites and internet resources in order to understand how they procure and use these data.

Changes to the data protection directives: Batterman Consulting can change, supplement or improve these data protection directives with a view to the future use of the website at any time and without specific reason insofar as an updated version of these data protection directives is placed on this website.