Sound Decision-Making Support

We help you to understand the potential of your employees and teams and to identify possible requirements for further training. Provided with this knowledge, you can proactively encourage, support and retain your employees.

With our assessment tools, we are able to analyse the candidate's behavioural profile, his or her aptitude and proficiency, and we are able to perform evaluations and give constructive feedback in counselling sessions.

If required, our psychologists can support us in the field of structured assessments; they can conduct aptitude tests as well as offer career guidance and coaching.

Do you have any questions about the assessments we offer?

Personal Profile Analysis
The PPA provides a comprehensive analysis of workplace strengths, fears, motivational factors and company values. The analysis also includes information on how a person works under pressure or generally in stress situations.
Workplace Analysis
By means of our workplace analysis, we define the behavioural requirements of a workplace and then find the right candidate for the position. This saves us time and reduces the risk of choosing the wrong candidates. For employees who meet the specified behavioural requirements, we also achieve higher employee satisfaction and thus a lower fluctuation rate.
General Intelligence Assessment
The GIA is a cognitive ability assessment that provides an accurate prediction of the time it will take someone to get to grips with a new role. By means of the GIA, we can also determine whether your employees are overworked or unchallenged.
360-Degree Feedback
The 360-degree feedback assesses performance deficits, development potential and peer group performance. How do you ensure that your employees and leaders quickly and reliably determine the issues that generate shortfalls? Receiving feedback from relevant colleagues and executives is a proven way to identify performance issues and areas of development.
Team Competence Analysis
When teams work together efficiently, there is almost nothing they cannot achieve. But adding new members to existing teams can be difficult. If we pick the right people, the team can benefit enormously. With this analysis tool we define the ideal team member and find the person with the appropriate profile.
Trait Emotional Intelligence QNR
The TEIQue provides your employees with a framework that helps them to work efficiently in today's world of business and to manage their job with skill. The assessment provides a snapshot of overall emotional functioning, ability to manage relationships, emotional control and response to pressure. You find out how employees form new relationships and how self-motivated and flexible they are. This can contribute positively to the development of leadership qualities.